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      "We adopted our dog Bella from Camille Oakie in 2010 and it was a wonderful experience...  We were looking for a dog on Petfinder and came across this adorable Border Collie mix and contacted FHDR.  Camille is such a kind person who cares so much about finding homes for these dogs and it shows.  She makes the process as easy as she can while still making sure it is a good match.  We love our Bella and we have Camille to thank for her." Annemarie and Family, adopter


      "I absolutely understand and respect you and FHDR for setting such strict guidelines regarding the adoption of pups. Before we found FHDR, we had some "rescues " literally pushing dogs our way without any obvious concern for the puppy or our family. I loved the fact that you were so thorough! You demonstrated pure honesty and concern for the welfare of the puppies as well as our family." Rita, adopter 


      "Camille Oakie, as founder of Furever Home Dog Rescue genuinely cares about every dog and family that she works with. Camille works very hard when interviewing prospective adopters looking for a new pet. Because of her process, qualified families are paired with puppies or dogs that will match well with their personalities and home life. Working with Camille and Furever Home Dog Rescue for the past three years has been a great experience for our family. Camille is a joy to work with and is always available to answer questions or assist in any way. She has developed a wonderful network of volunteers that pull together to save the lives of dogs who may not have had a chance for a healthy and happy life. Foster families are always needed so that more dogs and puppies can be rescued from shelters and placed in loving homes" Patti, foster 


       "I just wanted to commend Camille Oakie on the wonderful work she does to help save all the pups of Furever Home Dog Rescue. The photos of them with their new families with beaming faces really tells the happy ending of what could have been a much different story if not for Camille and her untiring devotion to rehome them. Thank you to Camille and the foster families." Claire 


      "We adopted an amazing puppy named Dexter from Furever Home Dog Rescue on February 14, 2010. So many of the rescue groups we had reached out to failed to get back to us and we almost gave up. Camille Oakie helped us to find the perfect puppy for what we were looking for and she made the process so easy. We began fostering for Furever Home Dog Rescue in 2012 and have continued to foster since that time. Camille has a heart of gold and truly loves every dog and puppy that comes through her rescue group. We have had so many great experiences thanks to Furever Home Dog Rescue." Natasha & Russ, adopter and foster

       "In August 2015 we had the absolute pleasure to adopting Balor (formerly Briley) through FHDR.  Balor has brought such joy and love to our lives, we can not thank Camille Oakie enough for rescuing him, we consider him our first born child and our love for him grows everyday.  His birthday and adoptiversary are huge celebrations for our family!  Thank you again for all you have done and continue to do for dogs!" Adam and Rebecca, adopters 

      "I cannot thank Camille Oakie enough for this wonderful dog.  He brought light and jope into our family during some difficult times. He is a gift from God! Camille you are an angel for all you do!"  Lori, adopter

      "Camille Oakie started this organization in hopes of saving dogs lives.  She has dedicated the past several years to this great cause.  I have been privileged to witness first hand what she, the volunteers and fosters have done.  I have also been lucky enough to be able to participate in a few adoption events.  If you are looking to bring a puppy or dog into your life, consider adoption and consider Furever Home Dog Rescue.  Fosters are always needed as well".  Evelyn, volunteer

      "I've been volunteering with Furever Home Dog Rescue for over 5 years.  In the course of that time, Camille Oakie has demonstrated a true compassion for animals. Her dedication to rescuing puppies and dogs while finding the best homes available is beyond honorable." Michele, adopter and fosterl

      "So happy that we are able to be part of Furever Home Dog Rescue. Such an incredible organization and amazing people.  Thank you Camille Oakie for allowing us to be part of something so rewarding and refreshing." Ashley & Kevin, fosters and adopter


      "As far as the adoption process, we feel that it was a very smooth, easy process to adopt through FHDR. To meet the foster family and find out some things about the dog that we were looking to adopt was very helpful.  We didn’t get to do that at the adoption of our other puppy. It was good for us to meet them and for them to meet all of us as well. All questions that we asked of FHDR and the foster family were answered which allowed us to feel more comfortable about the decision to bring Chloe home with us. Everything related to the paperwork and the process were explained to us very clearly. It was definitely a great match for Chloe and our family. She has really warmed up to us and our boys. We can’t think of anything that would have made the whole process any better.  Thank you so much again", Kim and Ken, adopter


      "My family started fostering for Furever Home Dog Rescue in 2012 and we have fostered 10 precious pups until they found their Furever homes. We have also adopted two pups through Furever Home Dog Rescue have become important parts of our family! The love that Camille has for these shelter dogs is boundless.  The pups and dogs come from a high kill shelter and are placed with a foster family carefully chosen by Camille until she patiently finds them the perfect adoptive family. It is so gratifying to know that you helped to give a pup a chance at a great life plus for every pup that comes out of the shelter makes room for one more! Fostering is an incredible experience for the whole family. Contact Camille to become a foster parent you will not regret the experience!" Deidre, adopter and foster

      "I've had the pleasure of working closely with Camille Oakie in dog rescue since 2009. She is one of the kindest, most dedicated and compassionate person  I've ever met. Animals truly are her passion. Once she takes in a needy dog/pup from the shelter, she commits herself 100% to that pup as if it is her own. She has saved countless dogs over the years, placing them in loving homes that bring so much joy to so many families. Keep up the wonderful work Camille!" Janet R, fellow dog rescue

       "I’ve been fostering for Furever Home Dog Rescue for almost 2 years now and it’s been the most amazing, rewarding experience! Camille Oakie, the founder, has been there every step of the way for guidance and suggestions. After six foster pups, I decided to adopt through FHDR and Camille made the process so streamline! She was just as thorough with my adoption as she is with any other adopters. Camille's compassion for dogs is shown through her ability to always find the perfect fit for each puppy and family. After adopting, I’ve fostered three more puppies and will continue to foster for FHDR in the future!" Emma, adopter and foster

      "Our adoption experience with FHDR was a very positive experience.  That application process went smoothly.  All of our questions were answered in a very timely manner.  Our adopted dog was the perfect fit for our family.  Energetic and loving." Sherri & John, adopters

      "My wife Kathy and I started fostering for FHDR in 2012 and we have seen over 30 beautiful pups go from our foster home to wonderful forever homes.  We fostered for other groups but none came clos to the caring and love that Camille Oakie has for her rescue pups. They are hand picked by Camille from high kill shelters, sent to get vetted and medical clearance to be transported to NJ.  They arrive here to go to a select foster group of amazing people that Camille and screened and organized.  Fostering has been such a rewarding experience and through FHDR we have seen great dogs get a wonderful new start to a long life with great families that wouldn't be possible without Camille's tireless efforts.  Two of our own fosters became family members after we adopted them so we what what it is to be a foster and adopter with FHDR.  FHDR is always lookg for new foster homes so contact to get started. You will be glad you did and you'll be saving the life of a beautiful puppy or dog." Carl, foster and adopter

      "I would like to take a moment to share some experience and to recommend Furever Home Dog Rescue of Randolph, NJ.  Our family has fostered creatures for FHDR, we have placed fosters with other families, we have helped with rescue activities and we have adopted family members from FHDR.   Our family has been fortunate enough to  volunteer and support no kill shelters and organizations on both sides of this country.  I like to think I have some valuable information to share.  These are my observations and feelings.  Our experience volunteering with rescue organizations is extensive.  We have been fortunate to assist in the rescue and foster care for over 1000 animals.  Our participation has been mostly with the direct care of foster animals and this has given us access to the heart and soul of organizations of different sizes, objectives and funding.  Animal rescue and animal welfare are fundamental parts of our family and we are involved emotionally and financially and directly in our commitment.  This is a deep core value reflecting how we choose to live our life. Furever Home Dog Rescue, operated and fueled by Camille Oakie, has the highest rating from our family.  Camille represents a manifestation of our core beliefs and she will do as much as possible to care for animals.  Ultimately, the care and survival and life of animals is why we have invested our money, time and feelings into rescue and foster organizations.  Camille is the person who sets the standard for our family when we consider how we can help with a creature or working with people considering adoption.  Camille is, quite frankly, the compass that helps to guide our commitments and decisions with regard to animal welfare.Furever Home Dog Rescue does so much with limited resources.  Camille is a champion for animals and is amazing at developing solutions which result in the ultimate objective: Animals get to live!  Camille is relentless in her concern and care for creatures.  Camille and FHDR keep the focus on the animals and the well being of the creatures to make sure these voiceless lives have a advocate and a champion looking out for their interests and their long term well being. Animal Rescue is tough.  There are heart wrenching stories and many tears.  It takes amazing fortitude to continue with this cause.  It takes dedication, determination, compassion and love.  Rescuing animals means you are signing up for a roller coaster ride of emotions which reach the highest levels of joy and the deepest levels of sadness.  It takes a very special person to agree to this calling, to dedicate time, resources and family to calling from a higher being.  Connecting the complicated pieces of animal rescue, families and rescue organizations can be complicated.  Not every situation can work out and sometimes this can be frustrating.  When I look at organizations trying to fulfill commitments to animals, I want the animal to come first.  Camille is one of the best people and Furever Home Dog Rescue is my favorite animal rescue organization.", Gil and Sara, foster and adopter

      "The adoption process was seemless.  The communication was wonderful.  I never felt like I was left hanging and all of my questions were answered.  I really appreciate how accomodating everyone was with all the crazy schedules.  There isn't a thing that I would change.  Although it has only been a couple of days, I feel like Titus is the perfect addition to our family.  I would highly recommend Furever Home Dog Rescue to anyone I knew who was looking to find a pup.  Thank you so much for helping us to find Titus.  He is a sweetheart and we are very lucky!" Sandi, adopter

      "Furever home dog rescue was incredible. I think the encounters were extremely professional and very informative. I can tell from my experience that everyone involved in the rescue is truly interested in ensuring that the doggies go to a great home, not just to anyone. I’m so happy we finally have the perfect addition to our family!" Kelsey, adopter

      "Our experience adopting through Furever Home Dog Rescue was wonderful.  As an avid dog lover, I really felt that Camille Oakie and Furever Home Dog Rescue care about making sure they place the right dog with the right family.  The adoption application, while long, I feel was thorough and necessary for adoption agencies in order to find good homes for their dogs.  After our adoption application was accepted, Camille contacted me and we discussed the dog my family was interested in (Oreo, now Cardi), what my family dynamic was and what we were looking for in adding her to our family.  We then scheduled a meet and greet so myself, my husband, our son and our current dog could meet Cardi and see if the fit was good for both Cardi and our family.  At the meet and greet, we were able to spend as much time as needed getting to interact with Cardi, and it we fell even more in love with her.  Cardi is the biggest sweetheart in the world, she loves to play, snuggle and get and give kisses, we are beyond happy we found her.  The whole process was a pleasant experience and I would recommend Furever Home Dog Rescue to anyone looking to adopt." Jennifer, adopter

      "We are so thrilled that we adopted Dexter/Stevie! He was the perfect match for our family:). I found the adoption process a very positive experience.  I always received a prompt reply to my emails, as well as having all my questions about the puppy answered prior to adopting. I really liked that we were able to meet the foster family to be able to discuss the dogs current situation & to ask them any questions.  I would highly recommend Furever Home to a friend!"  Danielle, adopter

      "We absolutely adore our Loki. Already it feels as though he has always been a part of our family. We love coming home to him after work and playing until we are all tired out. Loki also started puppy school at Petco last Tuesday which I think will be good for him since he is so smart! FHDR was the best adoption agency I encountered while trying to find our furry family member. I felt as though other agencies were judgemental and, quite frankly, some were rude. Right away I felt as though FHDR was a good fit. You responded fast, answered any and all questions we had and, my favorite, truly cared about your foster animals. 

      FHDR seemed to be strict in who is able to adopt, but in a good way. You can tell that you really care about the animals. 

      I also loved the fact that (before the meet and greet) you said to us, if Mojito/Loki was not the right dog for us, that you would help us find the right one. However, Loki was a perfect match for our family. I felt with other agencies or shelters, as soon as you met a dog that you did not "connect" with, they kind of write you off. But I feel like the connection is one of the most important things because they may not be here for our entire lives but we have them for their entire lives. Thanks again for choosing us to love (and spoil) Loki.  Shawn & Joe, adopter

      "It was a great experience working with FHDR. We got great a great dog. We love her to death. Again, we cant thank you enough. I would recommend FHDR to any one." Bruce & Claire, adopter

      "Our adoption experience with FHDR could not have been more enjoyable.  The adoption process was clearly communicated as were eligibility requirements.  Upon reviewing the adoption application, Jane & I were confident that we would meet the requirements as prospective adopters.  The entire communication process went very well with prompt responses and detailed explanations regarding the steps involved in the adoption process.  It was clearly conveyed as part of the "meet and greet" that there was no pressure to adopt the dog we were meeting.  In our case, we felt an immediate connection with Roxy (Ari) and we definately believe it was a very good match for us and Roxy.  The importance of each step of the adoption process, vetting prospective adopters, checking with the vet, the interview with Camille, proof of a suitable home and environment for Roxy and our meeting with Roxy (which also involved approval from FHDR) were all vital steps of the process. We appreciate the care FHDR took to ensuring the dogs are properly places in homes where they can thrive and be well care for."  Bruce & Jane, adopter

      "It was a pleasure adopting Chewy from Furever Home Dog Rescue. It truly shows how dedicated Camille Oakie is to the rescue in locating the ideal forever home that will provide the best circumstances for the adopter and adoptee. Camille's communication with me throughout the entire process was exceptional. She clearly communicated the mission and what I should expect throughout the process. I greatly appreciate how thorough of a background FHDR does to insure that the rescue will be going to a safe environment that will be conducive to a happy long-term relationship for the rescue as well as the adopter. Chewy is doing great in his forever home. Him and our other adopted puppy have become inseparable. He is the perfect fit for our family! Once again, I sincerely appreciate all that FHDR does for these rescues!" Gregg & Nicole, adopter

      "Today makes 3 weeks since I adopted Pesto and I could not be happier with my decision to take him home with me that day.  He is an amazing dog and Steve and I are so very lucky to have him in our lives.  One of the best things was the fostering he had prior to our adoption.  His training made the transition much easier for all of us.  His foster parents did an amazing job with him and I will be forever grateful to them.   When I started my search for a dog I went back and forth as to whether or not I should get a puppy, a young dog or a senior dog.  Having a senior cat was my main concern, so whatever animal I brought home had to get along with him, there was no getting around that.  I'll admit that I didn't know what to expect when dealing with a rescue agency.  There was the long and very detailed adoption application that I had to complete that had so many questions, and I wondered what the need for all that was.  After all it was just a dog, right?  FHDR made me see why they do what they do.  They do it because they care!  They want to make sure they are placing their animals in the best possible homes they can find for them.  So the questions, the vet checks, the reference checks, they all make sense now.  FHDR doesn't just place animals in homes, they make sure your home is the right home and that the animal and the adopter are a FUREVER fit.  FHDR answers EVERY question you could EVER have about what they do, how they do it and why they do it.  They give detailed pet instructions that EVERY pet owner needs to read, even if you think you know it all, read it anyway.  It is insightful, well thought out and full of useful information.I would recommend FHDR to anyone looking to adopt.  Camille Oakie is amazing.  Pesto's fosters were amazing.  And Pesto is amazing! I could not have asked for a better experience from start to finish." MaryBeth & Steve, adopter

      "It was a pleasure going through the adoption process with Furever Home Dog Rescue. All of our questions were answered and the entire process went very smoothly.  I would recommend FHDR to anyone wanting to adopt an dog.  I actually have already." Joanie, adopter

      "I know I’ve said it many times before, but you do AMAZING work!  All of the puppies, dogs and seniors you’ve rescued or found homes for is unbelievable.  I so appreciate all you do for our furry friends.  Without you, I wouldn’t have had the fortune of bringing Sienna into my life. Thank you!" Annie-Marie, adopter

      "I was looking for an older female pup who would be a good family dog--not just for me, but for a grandchild, a granddog, and my own cat.FHDR found that dog, and gave me all the available background information, including medical history.  FHDR arranged transport from Texas (21 wonderful driver/companions and two overnight fosters along the way), and I had pictures and progress reports every day.  Once Vickie was home, FHDR helped me to help her adjust to her new situation, both with useful advice and by referral to a wonderful trainer who worked with us as a family.  There's a feeling of support and connection that continues after the adoption papers have been signed.  We're looking forward to attending the next FHDR reunion." Maureen, adopter

      "We would like to tell you how happy and blessed we are to have had the opportunitty to interact with you during our adoption process.

      From the moment we submitted our application to adopt Teagan, Camille was very prompt in responding, and her instructions were extremely thorough, and easy to understand. We especially appreciated that Camille would include very specific details, throughout the entire process,which removed any guess work on our part. Camille was also a great advocate when it came to looking out for the puppy's interests, as seen in her many questions to us.She went the extra mile when our Veterinarian was having weather related phone issues,  by making the call, not once or twice, but the times needed to establish the contact. Camille was informative, and friendly throughout. Camille's special way of introducing us to Teagan, and her foster mom, was extremely pleasant, and we felt as though we had known each other for a long time. In the end we are blessed to have Teagan, who is now a part of our family, and has found her FUREVER home. We love her and she is doing GREAT! So thankful for your organization. Keep up the GREAT work!!!" Antonio & Maria, adopter

      Our experience with FHDR was fantastic.  The whole process went very smoothly and was easy on us as well as Dakota.  It was a bonus that we were able to talk to the foster mom about Dakota's general demeanor and daily schedule.Thanks again!" Tami & Craig, adopter

      We had a 100% positive experience with FHDR. Many times, rescues have a very delayed response to emails or sometimes no response at all. With FHDR that was not the case at all! We are 100% in love with her and she has been the perfect addition to our home. I would recommend FHDR to anyone!!!! Thanks!" Meghan & Tony, adopter

      "Our experience with Furever Home Dog Rescue was very positive.  My husband and I both agreed you were thorough in you family background check and we appreciate that you make sure the dogs are entering into families that are a good match.  You were able to answer all of my questions very thouroughly and the health records of the dog were all in good order.  Thank you for everything that you did for us and for what you do for the dogs.  We are so grateful to have Puck be a part of our family.  I will send photos as she grows." Heather and Dan, adopters  

      "The adoption process was more than what we could have asked for.  Furever Home Dog Rescue exceeded our expectations and granted us the opportunity to adopt an amazing new family member! March, aka Tucker, is such a good boy.  He brings so much joy to our lives and fills up our home/hearts with so much love.  Him and Eli are two peas in a pod- we couldn't have asked for a better fit for our family. We would absolutely recommend Forever Home Dog Rescue to anyone! Thank you again so very much, Camille!" Nicole and Matt, adopters

      "I just want to thank you for leading us to Maverick. We are in love with him! I am so pleased with the process for adoption and I am so glad that you really make sure he will be taken care of by calling our Vet and making sure he has a safe house and will be cared for properly. I also appreciated that each time I had a question you got back to me promptly! He seems to be pretty happy! We are grateful to FHDR. I will keep you updated on his progress." Debbie & John, adopters

      "I found Furever Home Dog Rescue on-line through the Petfinder. I was drawn to Edie simply because she was so cute, but when I looked at Furever Home Dog Rescue's website I was also inclined to adopt through this program because of the love and care put into making sure the pups were matched with the right homes. I also really liked that Edie/Jewel had been with a foster so that we had more feedback about her than a shelter could provide. It was also helpful to have Camille Oakie send the puppy info upon our adoption (recommendations on food, toys, dangerous plants and foods, her mom and a little background info, etc.)  Edie has been such a wonderful addition to our family, and I can't imagine life without her. She's so sweet and has such a cute personality, and we simply adore her. I'm grateful to Camille for rescuing dogs in need and finding loving homes for them. I would highly recommend Furever Home Dog Rescue to others looking to adopt a pet." Amy & JC, adopter  

      "Our experience with FHDR was absolutely wonderful. We loved how much they care about the puppies and care about finding the prefect home for them. Any questions we had, were answered and they were very responsive and open with the adoption process. We would 100% use them again. Mara has been such an amazing addition to our family and she fits in perfectly. We really can’t say anything about negative about our experience with FHDR." Courtney & David, adopter

      "I wanted to again thank you so much for allowing our family to adopt Bear and Teddy.  We are all so in love with these two guys. They have brought so much joy and happiness to our family. Camille, you made the adoption process so easy, from the phone conversations and emails to meeting you in person. I truly can't say enough good things about FHDR and I would definately recommend FHDR to anyone looking to adopt. I also love that through Facebook, we can share photos and see their siblings. (Bear is without a doubt the biggest. lol) Thank you !  Thank you!  Thank you!" , Kelly, Phil, Daniel, Samatha, adopter

      "We had such a wonderful experience with FHDR.  Camille was very informative and Belle is such a perfect match for our family. We always praise you and your adoption services.  Thank you for adding such an important part to our family". Christina & Gary, adopted

      "My family and I felt ready for a dog. We began with Petfinder and put in exactly what we wanted in a new four legged friend.   That site lead us to Furever Home Dog Rescue.The moment we read 3-year old Diesel's bio from his foster family on the Furever Home Dog Rescue's  website,  we couldn't wait to meet him.  We filled out the application and waited.  Camille is very good at checking every applicant against the pet they are looking to adopt to ensure a happy home for them, including the dog's safety in their potentially new home. Although the process can take four to six weeks, we were thrilled to be able to meet Diesel two weeks after we applied. At the meet and greeet, Camille and the foster family agreed it was a good fit and we took him home that very day. It's been two months and we all agree, from the 74 year old to the 24 year old,  he completes our family and is our best friend. Camille has great insight and instincts and matches the pets to their forever home perfectly.   She answered our questions during the process and, even after.  We have and will continue to recommend Furever Home Dog Rescue." Lymari & Vincent, adopter


      "FHDR was very clear and upfront with any questions that we had about the adoption process. I could not ask for a better process in adopting our puppy. You guy's made it a happy and educational experience. Louie is a perfect fit for our family". Thank You, Anthony & Tammy, adopters

      "Our experience with Furever Home Dog Rescue was one of respect and much gratitude. Our new love is such a blessing who was well cared for and trained beyond any point we could have ever hoped for. The love Penny was given is evident and we receive compliments all of the time on just how well behaved she is.  We felt like our family was well taken care of and we appreciate everything Furever Home stands for. Thank you for Penny and for all that you and your fosters do Camille. Thanks again for everything Camille! You truly made our family so happy!" Theresa and Brian, Adopters


      "We had a great experience with Furever Home Dog Rescue from the beginning. Everything was explained very clearly in terms of the application process and next steps. During our conversations all questions were answered as best as possible pertaining to Markys medical records and personality. The information provided from the foster family in regards to eating, sleeping, and overall temperament were extremely helpful. When at our “meet and greet” with Marky we never felt pressured; we knew from the moment we saw him and took him on the walk that he would be the best addition to our family. Thank you again for your assistance and for rescuing Marky, we couldn’t imagine our lives without him!" Jessica & Joel, adopters

      "Ron and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Furever Home Dog Rescue, Camille, the foster parents, and of course Finn. The whole experience was seamless from first noticing Finn's photo on Petfinder to contacting Camille, the interviews and the meet and greet.  All of our concerns about not having a puppy in 18 yrs like what to feed him, treats, correct harness, sleeping patterns, toys to play with quickly faded once we met Camille and the fosters. I would and have been singing FHDR's praises to everyone! Great job to everyone involved in the rescue of Finn, we are over the moon in love with him!" Ron & Bev, adopters

      "When we decided to rescue a dog, we filled out countless applications.  Furever Home Dog Rescue was one that actually kept in touch with us, and kept us up to date on the process and responded to my concerns of the availability of Izzy. We had never adopted a dog and wasn’t sure what questions to ask. Camille gave us as much information that FHDR had on Izzy’s past and we got to meet the foster family and find out her habits, likes and dislikes. Camille and Furever Home Dog Rescue are a godsend to families who want to adopt and more importantly to those animals whose lives depend on people like you. God Bless Camille and FHDR." Marie Jean and Carmine, adopters

      "Our experience with Furever Home Dog Rescue was excellent. Very thorough and pleasant – it was obvious that Camille Oakie has a sincere love of animals and is vigilant to ensure that they land in a home that shares the same.  We were thrilled with our adoption and are enjoying him tremendously – he’s made a lot of friends already and is the favorite in the waiting room at the vet! Thanks for everything and I would definitely recommend FHDR to anyone interested in adopting." Stephanie, adopter

      "We are so glad to be a part of your rescue and we look forward to helping save more puppies! Thank you for all that you do to save these pups!"

      Monica & AD, fosters

      "We have had two very good experiences working with Camille from Furever Home Dog Rescue.  When we adopted Molly,I found speaking on the phone with Camille a personal and easy way to get information I needed. Molly’s story was helpful and Camille's input whether she would fit our home was honest and sincere. We will continue to use Furever Home Dog Resice for our adoption services. Molly is doing very well and seems very happy and comfortable being here. She is a very loving girl and loves our attention. Molly gets along well with our grandchildren which is very important to us.  Thank you so much for all your help." Joanne & Tom Reimer, adopters